Skyfol PPF™ Shadow smoke 70%-50%-30%


Do you want to give your car headlights a new look?

Would it be important for you to get protection even for your favourite lights? If the answer to both questions is yes,

then the Skyfol PPF Shadow films were invented for you!

Skyfol PPF Shadow films are adhesive-colored paint protection films that can change the color of your headlights.

In addition to the new look, they provide adequate protection against yellowing caused by bird droppings, road oils, smoke and pollution.

With their outstanding properties, they protect the headlights from cracks, scratches and car wash brushes.

They have a self-healing ability, microscratches disappear from their surface in a few seconds, as if they had not been even there.

They have a smooth surface and prefect gloss.

  • Skyfol PPF Shadow 30 is dark gray
  • Skyfol PPF Shadow 50 is mid-gray
  • Skyfol PPF Shadow 70 is light gray

Thanks to their outstanding water-repellent properties, they are significantly easier to clean than previous technological solutions.

Always check legal regulations in your country before installing Skyfol Shadow Dark or Light, as coloring of the lamps may not be allowed.


  • Color: Grey
  • VLT: 70%-50%-30%
  • Finish: SuperGloss
  • Gloss value: > 90
  • Film Type: PU polyurethane film
  • Thickness of the polyurethane film: 150 mikron
  • Taber abrasion resistance: <3,5 g / 1000 g (ASTM D – 1044)
  • Elongation at break: 110%
  • Adhesive: Repositionable, non-yellowing, crystal-clear acrylic adhesive
  • Resistance: The film is resistant to general-use automotive fuels
  • Shelf life: 1 year, stored optimally at 22°C and with relative humidity 50%
  • Max roll size:15m x 51cm



  • SuperGloss: Thanks to its special manufacturing technology, surface gloss is perfect, so it perfectly fits the paint.
  • GravelGuard: Headlight and taillight will be protected from stone chips and other physical impacts.
  • DuraShield: Its high quality makes the film totally resistant to external exposure.
  • ScratchCure: Microscratches will disappear from its patented surface coating.
  • H2ORepel: Due to its water-repellent feature, the surface is very easy to clean.
  • StainResist: The surface coating does not let contamination into deeper layers, therefore stains will be easy to remove.

Skyfol assumes no responsibility for any fines that may be imposed.

Change the look of your car with a paint protection film for headlights!

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